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Realistic View Of Self 

What is Realistic View of Self ?   

Realistic View Of Self  is a therapeutic intervention that involves providing  individuals that suffer from  but not limited to Substance Use Disorder with information about their mentality , perspective , thought, feelings and behaviors  or the method of treatment used.

Realistic View Of Self is more than simply sharing information with the individual, it refers to a structured and specific method of providing knowledge. The goal of Realistic View Of Self is to help the individuals  understand and cope with their disorder and recommendations, as well as improve treatment adherence . We believe if an individual  understand their disorder ,they will be  able to follow through on recommendation better.  

BENEFITS)` Realistic View Of Self has been found to improve treatment outcomes for wide variety of  individuals that suffer from but not limited to Substance Use Disorder.  Realistic View Of Self  empowers individuals with knowledge and tools to help better understand and control their conditions rather than having the condition control them.

Poor representations, : Negative images, stereotyping and stigma of individuals with Substance Use Disorder

contribute to mistreatment, discrimination and harsh punishment instead of treatment and recovery services. In the United States, the commonness of  substance use disorders is equal across racial lines. More commonly in gender and sexual minorities. Despite these findings, racial and ethnic minor  groups are prosecuted and incarcerated for substance-related offenses at higher rates than their racial and ethnic majority counterparts, who have access to more effective legal representation and are more likely to be offered drug court or drug treatment not in lieu of incarceration.  These disparities are further worsened when considering gender and sexual minority status in addition to racial and ethnic minority status. Neither legal consequences or  discrepancies in treatment match the demographics of drug usage, drug selling  or drug-related crimes. The lack of education as it  relates to an individual's   influences and habits that shape how  we  perceive, respond, and cope with everything,  are learned  throughout the course of our lives,  leads to higher rates of reoccurrences, lost productivity, crime, and adverse health outcomes including overdose and death.   The Realistic View Of Self Program allows for better health, fewer reoccurrences, fewer readmissions. reduced criminal recidivism, improved employment, and longer-term abstinence.  Real people that have faced the same dilemma and have found a way out,  will talk , teach and give information about  how their environment shaped their mentality , perspective , thought, feelings and behaviors,  enhances the likelihood of successful recovery .


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