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“The level of service at Team Effort 4U2 Enterprises Inc, is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

  Heather S.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Team Effort 4U2 Enterprises Inc was recommended to me by a friend, for my home and now I know why. They now clean my business as well. The quality of service I receive is outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

  J. Nickerson

I am very pleased to recommend Melissa’s Cleaning Services as a superior cleaning service; we have been completely satisfied with their professionalism and with the quality and efficiency of their work. They have not only met our expectations, but also truly exceeded them. The quality of Melissa’s Cleaning Services is what we demand from our vendors, because they represent our company. In my experience with other cleaning services over the past several years, Melissa’s Cleaning Services is by far the best. We would be happy to recommend them to anybody who is looking for an outstanding, professional and reliable cleaning contractor.

  Melissa S.

I'm happy to recommend the services of .Team Effort 4U2 Enterprises Inc

I am writing to recommend the services of Melissa's Cleaning Service. I have been using Melissa's to clean my buildings and my move out turns. I am mostly college based rentals. The amounts of move outs in July are as many as 45 or more apartments and town homes. The move outs have a 24 hour turn around to get the new tenants moved in by noon the next day. I am completely satisfied. They are always punctual and does a more than excellent job every time. They offer the most competitive rates I have found. They have gone above and beyond to get their jobs done perfectly and on time. I have hired them for extra jobs and have been reasonably priced and have done exactly what was asked of them. I am nothing but pleased with their work and customer service.

I'm happy to recommend the services of Melissa's Cleaning.

  Iris O.

I am Very Happy; I appreciated the cleaning you guys did last night. You really did a great job and made sure we were ready for our interview. I am very happy and truly appreciate all the times you and your team have jumped through hoops to keep us satisfied. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It means a lot!

  Jay H.

Great Job All Around ,Carroll is great to work with and always comes in with a professional and friendly attitude. I've been using him to do our cleaning for over a year now and I've never had to call him back for anything missed during a turn clean. Great job all around.


Melissa’s Cleaning is incredibly detailed oriented. They always go above and beyond with their scope of work. They clean houses or apartments for us after a construction job. They will not only clean up the debris, but inside the stove and microwave. They go the extra mile. The cleaning is superb. Carroll is very organized. He is quick to send me updates on a job like any broken items they find or if there are issued with access to certain areas. Sometimes they are so detailed it will get them in trouble because they will do extra and charge us when we already established a budget or bid. There are several companies that we work with customers that only want Carroll and Melissa's Cleaning to clean their unit. He is punctual and never missed a start time or has always completed a project on time. His customer service and style is very professional. He always looks nice and is very clean. He is good with our customers and can calm down and diffuse tense situations. He puts people at ease. Being a restoration and construction company there are times when our workers will make a giant mess and our customers are not happy. We can rely on Carroll to get the job done and make our customers happy again. He is hands on and in control at all times and that is why I put faith in him. He is phenomenally, good at what he does. I recommend him to everybody.

  Sean D

They do a great job all the way around! Thank you so much for doing an awesome job on our apartments

Melissa's Cleaning takes care of our external and internal cleanings. They clean our hallways and they always smell super clean. They do a great job all the way around! I would absolutely recommend them. They look professional and every time we deal with them they are friendly. They follow up and explain as much as they can. Thank you so much for doing an awesome job on our apartments! We had a horrible turn unit with a caked on mess of a stove, and I was sure that we'd have to replace the stove. I've attached a photo of the awesome job you did, it looks like new! Thank you for your hard work every day; it is a pleasure working with you!

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